Westwood Golf Club
Westwood Golf Club
Westwood Golf Club

Local Rules



1. A player shall seek the consent of a fellow competitor or opponent before applying a local rule.

2.  A plugged ball may be lift cleaned and dropped without penalty if plugged in the fairway or first cut of rough. The ball must be clearly marked before lifted.

3. Out of Bounds

A ball is out of bounds;

a) When it lies outside the boundaries of the course

b) When part of the ball lies on or beyond the marked line (From the red post situated by the ladies tee) for the full length of the hole past the 12th green.

c) When it lies beyond the white posts or white line to the rear of the 9th green, on or beyond the path to the trolley shed

d) When it lies beyond the white posts to the rear of the 16th green.

e) When it lies beyond the white posts to the rear of the 18th green, or on the car park.

f) When it lies on or in the Club House.

g) When it lies beyond the hedge on the 13th, 15th and 16th.

Rule 18

4. Penalty Areas

All areas marked with red posts are red penalty areas, Rule 17

However on the ditch between 17th-18th fairway only, a player may drop either side of the penalty area.

Rule 17

 5. Staked Trees

A ball must be dropped within one club length of the nearest point of complete relief but not nearer the hole (without penalty).

Rule 16.


 6. All seats, sprinkler heads, valve covers, gravel, astroturf or wood chip paths and 150yd markers are immovable obstruction and relief from interference by them may be obtained.

Rule 16

7. All sheds, stores, ramps to bridges and bridges are integral parts of the course and no relief is allowed except under penalty.

8.  Repairs to putting surface aeration holes can be repaired. 

 Rule 19

9. The stone wall on the 1st tee is and the stone wall (remains of the old bridge) on hole 14 is an integral part of the course and no relief is allowed except under penalty.
Rule 19

10. When playing from the 17th tee, a ball which strikes the power lines crossing the 17th fairway must be replayed from the tee, without penalty.

11. The shrubs near the 6th tee, near the bridge on the 10th and behind the 16th tee are classed as no play zones (GUR), that are to be treated as an abnormal course condition. Free relief must be taken from interference by the no play zone under Rule 16.1f 

12. The provided areas must be used for all practice. Practicing and playing two balls on the course is strictly against club rules.