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Supplementary Scores

Supplementary Scores


A reminder:- All members, other than Category 1 players, may now submit Supplementary Scores which count towards you Handicap. Both 9 Hole and 18 Hole cards are acceptable and, along with ‘Competition’ cards, must total at least 54 holes in any year to maintain a ‘Competition Handicap’. i.e. 2x9 + 2x18 / 3x18 / 6x9 / 1x18 + 4x9.

The procedure is as follows:- You declare your intention with the Pro’s Shop before commencing play – You play from the Yellow (Red for Ladies) Tees and your card must be marked by a Player who has a Competition Handicap, and you play under ‘Competition Conditions’ - i.e. you cannot take advice or receive coaching during play.

On completion, your card (whether good or bad), must be submitted. NB- It is your responsibility to ensure that you inform the Pro’s Shop, or the Handicap Secretary, of your score, especially if you suspect it will mean a change to your Handicap, and this must be done before you enter a later Competition. Otherwise you may then be playing off a wrong Handicap which may well result in disqualification.

It is YOUR responsibility to reduce your own Handicap if you score below Par, but you may not increase your own Handicap if you score above Par.

All of the above is in place to assist members in retaining a ‘Competition Handicap’ if they are unable to play in the required number of Club Competitions.

Please note that a £2 nominal charge is payable in the Pro-shop for each supplementary card submitted.

If you require further information speak to in the first instance to James Austerberry our professional.


Carole Sergeant (Handicap Secretary)

On behalf of the Handicap Committee.

Created: 08-Mar-19 11:44

Taskers Trophy

Westwood Golf Club over 50's entered a new competition in 2022. Proceeds from which help towards delopment of the junior game.

Westwood 6 - Denton 1


Well done to all the team. Next round is away to Matlock. Date tbc


Mick Toghill


Created: 26-Apr-22 08:18

Texas Scramble Results

Congratulations to the winners of the texas scramble on Sunday 3rd April


1st  - Jon Redfern, Matt Dodd, Martin Knight and Gareth Shenton - 53 nett
2nd - Martyn Lowe, Paul Campion, Mike Bowcock and Phil Davis - 54.4 nett
3rd - Tony Gibson, Gareth Jones and Derek Mountford - 54.8 nett


Next Sundays competion is the Captains 3 Club Challenge

Created: 04-Apr-22 15:37

Winter League Standings - Final Results

Divion 1 Total                   Division 2 Total
Alan Gayes 294   Mick Webster  295
Gavin Lyall 290   Matt Dodd 291
Andy Povey 287   Nick Towers 283
Dave Lydon 282   Jon Redfern 274
Gareth Jones 267   Gary Tomkinson 272
Mick Toghill 263   Paul Wilton 266
Mark Sheldon 255   Simon Gordon 265
Dave Reid 251   Gareth Shenton 261
Peter Malkin 232   Chris Richards 260
Paul Campion  231   Glyn Bagshaw 251
Keith Chapman 196   Jon Reynolds 244
Martyn Lowe 194   Eric Chandler 232
Steve Mottram 181   Jak Meakin 224
Stan Stevenson 177   Andy Hulse 205
Rob Slack 166   Mark Briand 195
Graham Davis 161   Mick Cannon 190
Aaron Cooper 133   Stephen Jones 146
Dave Capper 132   Daniel Tatton 143
Matt Allcock 127   Derek Conway 127
Danny Rider 123   John Blurton 100
Simon Bell 96   Russ Clowes 96
Paul Holdcroft 94   Jamie Chapman 76
Ian Blurton 94   Lee Alaimo 60
James Laverty 69   Andy Knott 56
Mike Bowcock 65   Peter Moran 33
Mark Richardson 65   Ben Weeks 33
Jeff Barratt 60   Cyril Millward 30
Jonty Cooper 36   Matt Sherratt 28
James Narey 34   Simon Dickin 23
Steve Jones 30      
Phil Thornton 30      
Maurice Cooke 29      
Steve Conway 18      
Created: 02-Apr-22 09:05

Captains Winter Sunday Ball

Start of the Captains Sunday Ball.
This competition will commence on Sunday 31st October.
Members to compete in 2 divisions, Hcp 15 and below, Hcp 16 and above.
Starting Hcp's will be your own Hcp index figure.
Weekly winners will be announced by the following weeks competition.
Balls will be awarded each week to 1st,2nd,3rd in each division.
Weekly winner in each division shall be awarded a 1 stroke reduction to their handicap.
Good luck to you all.

Mike Toghill (Captain)

Created: 25-Oct-21 10:51
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