Current Opening Hours

                                                                                          October 2017 onwards

                                    OFFICE                         BAR                        CATERING                  LOCKER ROOMS

Monday                     CLOSED                     CLOSED                       CLOSED                     7.30am - Dusk

Tuesday                8.30am-3pm               10am – 7pm                 10am - 7pm                     7.30am - Dusk

Wednesday           8.30am-3pm                10am – 9pm                10am - 6pm                     7.30am - Dusk

Thursday               8.30am-3pm                10am – 9pm                10am - 7pm                     7.30am - Dusk

Friday                    8.30am-3pm                10am – 9pm                10am - 7pm                      7.30am - Dusk

Saturday                    CLOSED                 10am – 9pm                 10am - 5pm                      7.30am - Dusk

Sunday                     CLOSED                   10am – 9pm                 10am - 5pm                     7.30am - Dusk


Please note these hours are flexible


Staff may close at their discretion when the course is unfit or there are only a few members in the Club house.

All closing times are subject to requirements, i.e. functions booked.  If food and drinks are required for special functions outside these times, please make arrangements with Lorna or Rosa with sufficient prior notice.

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